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Shake it loose together, as Elton said, and we hope you all do.

If you wish to get some HOMING soon, we have some dates for diaries, so tune in.

A Launch Party for Homing will be held at Word Power Books 43 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh (across from the Pear Tree pub, which some of us have visited once or twice) at 6.30PM on Wednesday 24 August 2011. Susan and Paul will be there, and I hope that some or even better all of you will be there too. All is welcome. It is free. There will be booze.

A few days later, on Sunday 28 August 2011, I will be rocking a very wee bit of Homing stuff at Love’s Rebellious Joy: A Party For Paul Reekie at 9pm, the Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square Gardens, as part of the Book Festival’s Unbound events. It is also free. A load of good folks will be on: Tam Dean Burn, Vic Goddard, Gareth Sagar, The Sexual Objects, Irvine Welsh, Kevin Williamson (who co-organised the event with Neil Cooper), a host of much brighter stars than me are also on the bill. A lot higher up it, and rightly so. The amazingly talented and very beautiful Paul Reekie was Hullah’s flatmate for a few good years, our friend for umpteen years, and more our inspirational muse than we were ever aware of back then. He was a kindred spirit. He took his own life at the start of June last year. Gone, but still here, he became a major inspiration for the Homing project, and he remains so.

Hullah reading at the Paul Reekie Tribute Event, 2011

More of same, but different.


We want to get this information out to all. Please pass it on to anyone you think might be not uninterested.

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We love you all. Be well. May the earth only move when you want it to.

Paul and Susan and all those Homing here.

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HOMING Book Launch Details!

The Paul Reekie Tribute Night!


Some therapeutic poetry Paul Hullah began to write whilst locked in a loony bin in the summer of 2010 has been developed and collected, beautifully interpreted and illustrated by Susan Mowatt, and was published on Monday 1 August 2011 by Word Power Books of Edinburgh. The book is called ‘Homing’. It is about finding places we had thought were no more. It is about the past and how we have to manage it and learn from it and use everything we learn to connect with goodness and help and heal ourselves and others. It is more about hope than about sadness, more about love than about lack. It is meant as a map for anyone who wants to find a way forward out of fear or grief or despair or loss. It is a way of winning.


Homing is artwork and attitude born of living and loss. Loss comes to shatter the patterns we weave in our lives. It turns meaning to mayhem: shreds and shards, remnants and rags. But we remain too. We start again: begin anew. Never alone, we connect; we continue. We stitch and bind the debris that is left until we know we are still living. Then we know that we have woven home.

Homing is a cross-culturally collaborative multi-media verbal/visual creative project. Primarily but not exclusively sited in and between Britain and Japan, Homing centers on acts of ‘translation’ and ‘expression’. Homing investigates culturally-aware viewer negotiations of these complex activities that necessarily (even subconsciously) must increasingly occupy all of us in a global modern world.

Homing Cover


Paul Hullah wrote a series of poems, inspiration for which stemmed from the death of his wife Akiko in 2009 after a long fight with cancer. As a result of subsequent events including the suicide of a dear friend, the Scottish poet Paul Reekie, the initially elegiac poems grew to deal positively with management of loss, connections made by people, the importance of friendship and the need for continuity, cooperation, renewal, and mutual understanding if hope is to survive in the world and we are to be happy. Susan Mowatt, a Scottish artist with whom Hullah collaborated on a creative verbal/visual art project some years ago (Unquenched, 2002), made drawings that ‘translate’ and ‘express’ the poems into concrete visual statements. Davy Henderson, a Scottish musician, composed music to reset the poetry and drawings in an additional medium. The poetry has also been creatively ‘re-translated’ into Japanese by the Tokyo-based academic and writer Hidetoshi Tomiyama.


Word Power Press UK will publish the initial book of poems and drawings in August 2011. High profile Edinburgh Fringe and Fringe Book Festival events are already planned during August 2011, and at the Scottish Radical Book Fair in October 2011. At these events Davy Henderson will present ‘original music’ as part of the project. Susan Mowatt’s artworks and Paul Hullah’s words will also be displayed along with Hidetoshi Tomiyama’s translations in the form of a multi-media installation/event. Subsequent multi-media exhibition/installations will be held simultaneously in a Kyoto gallery, Gallery Gallery, and a Tokyo Art Space, Meiji Gakuin University Art Hall, in February 2012.



As of April 2012, we hope that students of Edinburgh University and Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo) will be able to collaborate in a coordinated funded project to produce creative writings and visuals as reaction to and enhancement of the main Homing project that will promote cross-cultural understanding in a structured educational manner jointly supervised by Susan Mowatt and Paul Hullah. This will initially be conducted ‘online’ followed, if funding can be secured, by supervised mutual visits between the two sets of participant students. Results of this venture will hopefully be published in UK and Japan (in Meiji Gakuin University’s CROP creative writing journal, of which Hullah is founding editor, and as an interactive website.

CONFIRMED FUNDING SOURCES (current as of 1 July 2011)

1 . Edinburgh College of Art

2. The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation


3. Meiji Gakuin University Society for Language and Culture

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